FireFox 59 Offline Installer Direct Download Links

FireFox 59 Offline Installer Direct Download Links
FireFox 59 Offline Installer Direct Download Links

Download the offline installer of latest version of Firefox browser that is Mozilla FireFox 59.


FireFox 59 Offline Installer Direct Download Links: Mozilla FireFox is one of the popular browsers used by a large number of people. In 2004 Mozilla FireFox was the only browser to stand against the domination of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Its key features have made the browser very popular. Mozilla Firefox is fast with effective and simple UI, it safeguards us from various threats of the Internet and browsing. The tab design and private browsing features were first implemented by Mozilla FireFox and later followed by other browsers. It easily blocks the pop-up windows.

FireFox 59 Offline Installers Direct Download Links

Mozilla has released its new version of FireFox browser, Mozilla FireFox 59 which is a stable version and currently available for downloading and installation. Its open source development has made it popular with the developers. They have been working on the browser’s performance and speed compared to previous FireFox 57 and 58.

Easy to Use

The plain and impressive UI of Mozilla has made browsing easier and quicker. They have been focusing on increasing the browsing area in recent times by simplifying the toolbar controls. The URL box called as the “Awesome Bar” is a Google search bar which learns and adapts to the user choice s they use it and gives suggestions.

Performance & Speed

FireFox is a more personal, easy and safer to use the product as it is built on a new powerful platform known as Gecko. The JagerMonkey JavaScript engine helps the browser to load the page very quickly. This particular version of FireFox i.e. 59 sports faster load time when compared to the older version. The OMPT (Off-Main-Thread Painting) feature will give a better rendering of the graphics in the browser.

FireFox 59 Offline Installers Direct Download Links


The standards for security have been raised higher by FireFox to keep the users safe on the internet/web using the new malware and phishing protection. FireFox 59 comes with a new setting in preferences which helps us in stopping the pop-ups asking to access device camera, send notifications, location or microphone. We can allow trusted websites to use these features.

Privacy and security features of Firefox 59 release


The user has their own preferences, and style of browsing, hence Firefox allows you to customize the browser as the user wants. It is one of the finest features of the FireFox UI. The browser comes with more than 5000 add-ons and a number of themes to customize the appearance. To customize, right click on the toolbar and select the individual component you’d like to customize or move around the items using drag-and-drop.


  • The browser performance has been enhanced the content on the Firefox home page loads faster
  • The browsing is faster, and graphics rendering has been improved.
  • Customize new windows and tabs using the drag-and-drop to rearrange to sites on the FireFox Homepage.
  • Improvements have also been made to the screenshot feature we can highlight, draw, and re-crop on the saved screenshots.
  • Improved capabilities of Real-Time Communications (RTC).
  • RTP Transceiver gives pages fine control over calls.
  • Required features to support large-scale conferences have been implemented.

FireFox 59 Offline Installer Direct Download Links

Download Firefox 59 offline installer for Windows 64-bit

Download Firefox 59 offline installer for Windows 32-bit

Download Firefox 59 offline installer for Linux (Tar) 32-bit/64-bit

Download Firefox 59 offline installer for Mac (dmg)

Download Firefox 59 in all languages

Download Firefox for Android

Download Firefox for iOS

Download Firefox Portable in all languages

That’s it you have finally check out the FireFox 59 Offline Installer Direct Download Links, but if you encounter any issues then feel free ask them in the comment’s section.

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