Free Download Bandizip 6.21

Free Download Bandizip 6.21
Free Download Bandizip 6.21

This is a free tool that supports all the major archive file formats.

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Free Download Bandizip 6.21: This is a free tool that is used to support all the major archive file formats and also offers many customization options. There have been various archiving formats in the past such as WinRar and WinZip, and not only these, there are also various free formats like Extract Now. But, when it comes to unpacking of the archives on your system, the name of this free tool is Bandizip. This is a free program for all the Windows and it also supports all the formats of archives. The functionality of the free tool is highly impressive.

Free Download Bandizip 6.21

On installing the program on the Windows, the file association settings page will open right post that. With the help of this file association settings page, the user can associate all the archive file formats and can open the application so that all the archive formats open in Bandizip on clicking them in the Windows machine. On doing this, it will replace the icon that is associated with Bandizip icon. It also gives an option of double click that will help the archive to run. Another important feature that this double click has to offer is that the user can also change the default action so that it helps in extracting the archive automatically. The user can also add unsupported archive file to this tool, provided the format is supported by the tool. The archives will be displayed in two panes by this tool. In the first pane, it will display all the folders of the archive and in the main pane, it will display folders and files of all the selected files.

Features and benefits of Bandizip 6.21

  1. This tool is highly compatible with all the important formats of the archive. It is compatible with formats like that of zip, 7z, rar, tar, ace, and many other formats. When it comes to the extraction of the files, this tool is compatible with that as well. Talking about archive creation, the tool works well with all major formats.
  2. This tool is convenient in nature. This also means that this tool offers the user a number of options with the help of which the user will be able to extract files and other archives. The user is able to extract the required file from Windows Explorer and can also open the folder that has been extracted by them as per their convenience.
  3. Another important feature that is tool offers is that of Unicode and long path. This support is very important when it comes to the extraction of the files. Besides customization, this turns out to be another important feature that is offered by the free tool.
  4. This free tool is known to support all the 37 formats which also include some important file formats. Beside those, it also includes some disc image formats like ISO or IMG, these two formats are also supported by this free tool.
  5. This tool is portable in nature. This application is also available in the setup format for Windows and for all those users who wish to download this for Apple, the user can download the paid version.

Free Download Bandizip 6.21

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Download Bandizip 6.21 with the help of the below-listed links:

Free Download Bandizip 6.21 for Windows

Bandizip for Windows XP (Bandizip 5.x)

Free Download Bandizip for OSX

Main Features

  • Supported OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10 (x86/x64/ARM64)
  • License: Freeware(EULA)
  • All-inclusive compression/decompression/browsing/editing Archiver
  • Extraction for 30+ formats, including: RAR/RAR5/7Z/ZIP
  • Compressing an archive with password and multi-volume
  • Fast compression with multi-core


  • Supported formats: ZIP, 7Z(lzma2), ZIPX(xz), EXE(sfx), TAR, TGZ, LZH(lh7), ISO(joliet), GZ, XZ
  • ZIP file modification (add/delete/rename)
  • Up to 6 times faster compression using multi-core
  • Encrypted archive creation
  • Supports AES256 encryption algorithm
  • Supports compression of 4GB+ size files
  • Unicode or MBCS filename for ZIP format
  • Multi-volume archive creation of ZIP/7z format


  • Supported formats: 7Z, AES, ALZ, ARJ, BH, BIN, BZ, BZ2, CAB, Compound(MSI), EGG, GZ, IMG, ISO, ISZ, LHA, LZ, LZH, LZMA, PMA, RAR, RAR5, SFX(EXE), TAR, TBZ, TBZ2, TGZ, TLZ, TXZ, UDF, WIM, XPI, XZ, Z, ZIP, ZIPX, ZPAQ
  • Easy view of an archive’s file list
  • Extraction of selected files only. Also supports drag & drop
  • Availability of ZIP & RAR format archive comment
  • One-step extraction of TGZ/TBZ formats

Technical Details of Bandizip 6.21

Latest Version 6.21
File Size 6.26 MB
License Free
Supported OS Windows 10 / Windows 8/ Windows 7
Author Bandisoft

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