Free Download Freegate 7.64

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Free Download Freegate 7.64: This is the first anti-censorship software that is aimed at providing security and also fast access to all the websites. This is an executable file and does not require any installation process. For all the users who intend to visit international websites, along with local sites also, this works best for them. In order to use this software, the user has to login to a proxy software like DynaWeb server. This software is used maximum in China and the reason behind the same is that it provides anonymity to the users and also provides them access to various websites like that of facebook, youtube, amongst others. Even if the website is blocked by ISP, it can still be viewed because of the technology that is used by the tool.

Freegate 7.64 Review

For a user who lives in a country where they face a number of browsing restrictions, this software works best for them. There are millions of users living across the globe who face numerous issues when it comes to browsing a website. This usually happens in countries that have strict browsing rules. This technology is developed by a China-based company, known as Dynamic Internet Technology. For all those users who wish to get a solution free of charge when they try to access a website, this technology is known to provide the best solution so far. This is a P2P proxy network system. In order to use this tool, there is only one condition and that is a strong internet connection.

Free Download Freegate 7.64

So without wasting any time let’s see How to Free Download Freegate 7.64 with the help of the below-listed links:

Download Freegate 7.64 Professional Edition (ZIP)

Download Freegate 7.64 Professional Edition (EXE)

What are the various benefits and features of using this tool?

  1. This tool helps in bypassing all the censorship restrictions in a fast and secure manner. The security level is highest when a user is using this software as it provides really fast service.
  2. One of the most important and interesting features of the software is that it is portable in nature and does not require any installation process. All a user has to do is launch the .exe file and then see all the number of settings that the tool has to offer. A lot of users tend to get confused by the list of websites that they see on the portal, they are mainly Chinese websites. This is because the program was designed for the Chinese market.
  3. By default, this tool works with Internet Explorer and if the user wishes to disable the same, they can always select the default browser when you plan to use the same.
  4. The GUI, also known as Graphic User Interface is very simple to use and it also resembles the Windows XP Explorer. The entire user interface is very easy to navigate.
  5. The user gets access to all the international and local websites. The user does not have to put much efforts and the website does its job. It will scan for all the proxy servers on its own and will also connect as and when needed.
  6. After the installation process is complete, you will not see any change in the system settings of the program as it works in the same manner. It does not also require any extra resources and does the job even without needing the same.

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