TeamViewer 11 Free Download (All Version)

TeamViewer 11 Free Download (All Version)
TeamViewer 11 Free Download (All Version)

TeamViewer is a comprehensive, remote access, remote control and remote support solution that works with almost every desktop and mobile platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

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TeamViewer 11

TeamViewer 11 Free Download: The world is becoming increasingly smaller with the unprecedented rise of technology. You can reach any person living in any part of the world through technology. One of the many platforms that enable and empower this global connectivity is TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is a name synonymous with remote access and support. The company has, over the years, established itself as a pioneer of remote networking solutions through its wide range of products such as the TeamViewer Tensor, TeamViewer IoT, TeamViewer Pilot, and more. One of the characteristic features that first made the app popular among users was that it gives you the control to decide who runs your system, keeping its safety intact. You get the option to send an invite to another person for taking over your screen instead of allowing anyone to randomly do so.

The company’s web portal describes TeamViewer with the tagline “the new standard for remote control and remote support” and the app justifies this view to a great extent. With over millions of users worldwide, the TeamViewer app has become a go-to solution for users in every walk of life. Modern businesses, in particular, have benefited greatly from this remote connectivity solution. This way, it has contributed to the creation of a borderless workspace. One of the added advantages of the app is its compatibility with both mobile and desktop systems in addition to operating systems like Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac.

Discussed below are some of the unique features that make the TeamViewer app a worthy choice for your needs.

TeamViewer 11 Free Download

A Brief Overview

1. Instant Support

Several IT and IT-enabled businesses across the world inevitably face certain mishaps in their tech architecture, from glitches to device failures and more. While offering tech solutions for facilitating remote connections, TeamViewer takes responsibility for these occasional mishaps that may occur in the process. It is the perfect solution for IT professionals to access any system in the world and resolve the issue they might be facing. This way, it provides a cost-efficient solution for technical difficulties that arise in computers. The company has created a customized branding for applications providing IT support. At the same time, there is an integrated service case management system for desktop and mobile operations.

2. Best Alternative for Away from Work

With TeamViewer, it is easier to work from any location. For professionals engaged in constant traveling, the application provides a suitable alternative to maintain productivity. Any device or server can be accessed without connecting to a VPN. Even for unattended devices, you enjoy accessibility without any breaks. It’s remote rebooting and remote printing tools add to its utility as a workspace option.

3. Widest Coverage

Another one of the biggest competitive advantages of the app is the wide range of devices it is compatible with. Not just PCs and mobiles, TeamViewer is available on kiosks, IoT systems, Point of Sale machines, and digital signage systems as well. It supports a total of 127 different brands available in these categories, making it a great platform-agnostic application to serve your remote connectivity requirements. In addition to this wide connectivity, you can text and share files between devices while taking control of the actions taking place in any device. It has a very fast file transfer mechanism supported by a secure network.

4. Integrated Remote Monitoring and Management

The RMM resources allow you to update and manage your systems more efficiently. With this feature, you can regularly inspect different devices and correct any irregularities. It also helps you update software and garner information about all the connected devices at a single stop. Moreover, its in-built antivirus solution will keep your systems secure from any threat.

5. Security Resources

The traffic transmitted across the software undergoes AES 256-bit encryption along with an https/SSL check for safeguarding the systems involved. For establishing a connection, users need to share a 2048-bit RSA private/public key. After this, they are connected to a secure centralized server and enjoy all operations.

What is special about TeamViewer 11?

The TeamViewer 11 software assures you 15 times better network speed and high definition image quality. It primarily includes enhancements in the image rendering with a better adjustment capacity to the available bandwidth. One of the key features in this version of the software is low data usage. It will allow users to not only access devices remotely but also leave all worries about data charges. This version takes into account the shortcomings of TeamViewer 10 and seeks to address these bugs perceptively to improve the app’s flexibility. There are changes in the toolbar menu while remote connections are steadier than before. The SOS button grants access to customer support, making instant support available to the customers.

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Salient Features

  • Performance Improvements – The newer version has made several upgrades to enhance user experience. Most importantly, it cuts down on the data usage amounts while increasing the connection speed. This way it has increased accessibility in areas with low data bandwidth in addition to boosting its overall efficiency. The revamped UI also adds to the improved performance of the app. It is intuitive and integrated into the browser to provide better access.
  • Wider Utility – One of the crucial objectives that TeamViewer 11 seeks to achieve is to increase its use cases. The TeamViewer chat is available to anyone anywhere as an end-to-end encrypted messaging platform. The Quick Support SOS button allows a one-click solution in case of any technical difficulty or interruption. This is a crucial medium for companies to extend better and quicker aid to their customers. All in all, this version is packed with features to strengthen the software’s functionality, both in terms of interface as well as tools.
  • Increased Compatibility – Another significant change in the software is its device coverage. TeamViewer 11 supports headless Linux as well as Chrome OS and Android devices that are left unattended. It is imperative to note that Android operating services are widely used in several machines such as ATMs, vending machines, and others. Therefore, remote access to android makes the software compatible with an even wider range of devices.

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A Balanced Overview of TeamViewer 11


  • The software empowers your system to reconnect to the devices even after it reboots automatically. This feature is particularly important for eliminating the hassle of reconnecting with each device all over again and consequently enhances the users’ ease of use.
  • The ability to work with low bandwidth is a boon for people who are on the road and might encounter low connectivity. At the same time, by using less data the app saves you a lot of your data balance if you do not have access to unlimited internet.
  • For business users, the TeamViewer app has introduced custom branding. It is a new way to enhance visibility while extending your services through this app. Using this tool, you can put your brand’s logo and text.


  • The mobile interface for TeamViewer can give you some trouble in navigation. It seeks to pack all its features into a much smaller space and lacks the flexibility that is found in its desktop version.
  • Many users have faced the issue with repeated pop-ups. Whenever there is an updated version available, you will receive pop-ups offering a discounted price for the new version.
  • Two-factor authentication, while meant for enhancing the overall security of the system, can become a lengthy step for some users who do not have access to the verifying system.

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TeamViewer 11 Free Download

Downloading the setup of TeamViewer 11 is easy. The installation wizard will guide you through prompts for finishing up the process. As already mentioned, the software is compatible with multiple operating systems and devices which allows users to download it on both PCs and mobiles. So without wasting any time let’s see the direct links to download TeamViewer 11 for free: 

Free Download TeamViewer 11 for Windows

Free Download TeamViewer 11 Portable for Windows

Download TeamViewer 11 for Linux 32-bit

Download TeamViewer 11 for Linux 64-bit

Download TeamViewer 11 for Linux RPM

Download TeamViewer 11 for Mac OS

Download TeamViewer 11 for Android


From professionals to the less tech-savvy people across the globe, TeamViewer is a reliable platform for remote connectivity needs. Troubleshooting is the foremost purpose that it accomplishes, in addition to offering a conducive environment for a remote global workspace. It encourages a collaborative medium for individuals and businesses to operate worldwide.

In the 11th edition, there is a revamped interface with better flexibility and resources. There are two crucial enhancements in terms of low bandwidth accessibility and reduced data usage. The software is, thus, a good option to meet your requirements for remote access and support.

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