Download Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer

Download Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer
Download Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer

Windows Live Essentials enabled the user to send emails, share photos, edit videos, use instant messaging, blogging, etc.

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Download Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer: We have all come across certain apps that we miss because they were discontinued by the makers. These old apps become a part of our lives and we feel bad having to do away with them. Although you might easily find an alternative in the vast world of the internet, it just doesn’t feel the same. Today we will be talking about one such program or rather set of programs.

Download Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer

Windows Live Essentials also known as Windows Essentials saw its last update in 2012 and was completely discontinued in 2017. It consisted of a package of various useful tools and apps like the Sky drive (now One Drive), Movie Maker, Messenger, etc. In this article, we will be talking in detail about Windows Live Essentials and also tell you how you can still get your hands on the software.

Windows Live Essentials: An Overview

Windows Live Essentials was a useful utility package consisting of a wide range of apps and software. The idea was to create a one-stop solution that enabled the user to send emails, share photos, edit videos, use instant messaging, blogging, etc. The package consisted of a bunch of freeware that could be used to carry out the above-mentioned activities. These apps were namely – Movie maker, Photo Gallery, Messenger, Sky drive (One Drive), Mail, Writer, and Family Safety. As mentioned above Windows Live Essentials has been discontinued and is not available on the Windows store. As a result of this, certain apps mentioned above are no longer useful. However, a few apps like the movie maker and photo gallery still work fine. They can be used smoothly on Windows 7, 8 and even Windows 10. We will later tell you how to install and use these old apps on your updated PC. However, let us first reminisce about the old days and look at some of the most important apps of Windows Live Essentials.

1. Windows Movie Maker

It was the most extensively used app and probably the most useful part of the Windows Live Essentials. It was essentially a video editor. You could create a custom video by using a bunch of photos and by using one of the many preset themes. It enabled you to convert your photos, clips, audio files into a complete movie. It was extremely useful for making home videos, video presentations, anniversary videos, etc. You could spice up your video by adding various special effects, both graphic and audio. You could add texts, captions, notes, commentary, etc. to your videos.

2. Windows Photo Gallery

As the name suggests this was a gallery for all your multimedia assets. It allowed you to access your photos and videos from a single place instead of looking for the scattered files all over your computer. However, it was much more than that of a well-designed and intuitive gallery. It also enabled you to share these photos and videos with other PCs. You could also edit your photos using the many useful editing tools of the gallery. Adding filters and creating collages were also possible on Windows Photo Gallery. The online sharing option and its top-class organization made it one of the most missed apps today. There is a however some good news. Despite being discontinued the app still works fine even on Windows 10.

3. Windows Live Messenger

The app has been through a lot of phases and changes. It started as the MSN messenger and was later incorporated as a part of the Windows Live Essentials as Windows Live Messenger. It was an instant messaging app that allowed you to communicate with other users with a Microsoft account. It was an instant hit and attracted millions of users worldwide. It was very similar to Yahoo messenger and Facebook messenger. After Windows acquired Skype, it was discontinued and merged with Skype. This enabled the user to use the same account for video calling and also instant messaging.

4. Windows One Drive

One Drive was originally called Sky Drive. It was an online cloud storage facility for the Microsoft account holders. You could easily share and transfer your files by simply uploading them on to cloud storage and accessing them from any device from anywhere in the world. It is a virtual drive with some amount of memory at your disposal. You can choose to use this space in whichever way you want. You can sort your files into folders and sub-folders just like your native PC drive. Sky drive is still available as Microsoft One Drive and can be easily downloaded and used.

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Download Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer

Now since this very useful software has been discontinued by Windows, it seems there is no alternative but to sigh and miss them. However, that isn’t true and there exists a way out, a solution that will allow you to use the apps of Windows Live Essentials. That is by using an Offline Installer. Offline Installers are usually used to download old discontinued apps and also when the data connection is limited and not stable. Windows Live Essentials still has some apps that work fine even after being discontinued.

There is no reason why you should abstain from enjoying these useful apps and services. Try using one of the many offline installers available online to install some or all of the apps of Windows Live Essentials. In case you go ahead and install all the apps you can expect certain apps to malfunction (e.g. Windows Live Mail). Don’t worry about those apps and go ahead and use the ones that are still working. These offline installers will work on all versions of the Windows operating system from Windows 7 onwards. Feel free to use the link given below to download the offline installer for Windows Live Essentials.

Download Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer

That’s it you have finally check out this article; Download Windows Live Essentials Offline Installer, but if you face any issues then feel free to ask your questions in the comment’s section.

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